Who are we?

Name: Daniël
Country: The Netherlands
Current OS: OSX 10.5.6 / Ubuntu / FreeBSD
Current Desktop: OSX / KDE 3.5
Favorite food: Greek, Mexican
Favorite drinks: Bacardi-Coke / Various mix drinks
Job: Internet system engineer / Webdesigner / programmer
Interests: Hanging with friends, computers (non-M$), music, movies, lot’s of other stuff
Favourite music/artist: Techno (dave clarke), (hard)trance, 80’s, oldies, popular
Current car: Volkswagen Sharan 1.8T (silver metalic)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/devslashdaniel
My company: http://www.webvanced.nl


Name: Dennis Opgelder
Born: 5th of June, 1973
Country: The Netherlands
Current OS: Ubuntu / CentOS
Job: Sr. System Engineer (for VMware- and Unix-stuff)
Favourite food: Tex-Mex
Last vacation: Egypt Macadi Bay (crap vacation)
Interests: *n?x, Formula 1, watching movies and stuff, “Delores” (ask Hans Teeuwen)
Favourite proggies: vi, Firefox, bash, Openssh, kmplayer, gqview, Thunderbird, WASengine, non-M$
Favourite music/artist: Techno-ish stuff (Laurent Garnier / Darren Price), retro, Lounge (but not too jazzy)

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