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Must have Mac OSX Apps: RCDefaultApp

RCDefaultApp allows to set the default applications used for various URL schemes, file extensions, file types, MIME types, and Uniform Type Identifiers from within a very easy interface. You can manage all your default settings from a single point. A handy feature is the ability to be able to override the default application for new files. For example, if you save a PSD with photoshop but you for example always want to view PSD’s with Xee, you will be able to configure this.

The application is freeware.
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Must have Mac OSX Apps: Xee

Xee is the ultimate replacement for the zero-feature image viewer that comes with your mac.

The features of xee are:

  • Display a large number of image formats – any format QuickTime or Preview
    can open, plus several more, including PCX, Maya IFF and Amiga IFF-ILBM.
  • Easy browse through folders of images – open any file in a
    folder and use the toolbar, keyboard shortcuts or mouse wheel to
    view the other images in the same folder.
  • Browse image inside archives, using the uncompression engine from
    The Unarchiver. It can read almost every format
    The Unarchiver can, which include Zip, Rar, 7-Zip, Lzh, ISO and
    StuffIt. It also supports the CBZ and CBR formats, which are just
    renamed Zip and Rar files, respectively.
  • Effortlessly copy, move, rename and delete of images while viewing.
  • Losslessy rotate and crop JPEG images. This lets you edit your
    digital photographs without losing quality by re-compressing them like
    most other editors do.
  • View more EXIF data for JPEG files than Preview, and also other kinds of
    metadata, like XMP or IPTC. It can even try to identify what program or
    camera created a JPEG file by analyzing its quantization tables.
  • Extract bitmap images from inside PDF and SWF files. Many PDF files contain
    scanned pages in bitmap form, and Xee can read these and show them as
    bitmap image, and even save them. The same goes for bitmap images inside
    SWF files.
  • View images in full-screen.

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Must have Mac OSX App: TotalFinder

The Finder is the worst thing on the mac if you ask me, there are several missing features for example the abilty tho show folders before files, show hidden files, no creation of those irritating .DS_Store files etc.

TotalFinder, from BinaryAge, does everything i miss in the default mac finder. A few features i like the most are:

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Side-by-side mode, 2 finders in one window
  • Show hidden/system files
  • Folders on top

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